In TGR’s wake

In TGR’s wake

Chaos in my head

It is like my brain is running in high gear without thoughts
It is like my mind only circles the black hole that has appeared in my life, but without getting sucked in

An orbit that in the moment seems eternal and unbreakable


They say that time heals all wounds
What a pile of bullshit

Wounds may heal, but there will always be a large scar left, that is tender and painful to touch

But it only hurts because I miss you, while I’m continuing down the river of time.

Those Rammstein-guys are right. Stop damn it. Stop

But I know, that the pain is only pain because it comes from deep love

Yin and yang

But I will remember, and love to remember and love to remember to love

And try with my simple inept self to pass on the love

Thanks from the bottom of my heart


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